Brave ten-year-old girl planned her own funeral after devastating cancer diagnosis

A 10-year-old girl who died after a devastating cancer diagnosis had been planning her own funeral.

Crystal Smith, from Cardiff, South Wales, was just six when doctors found she had high-risk neuroblastoma.

She had been complaining of stomach and leg pains for months but scans and tests had failed to show anything conclusive.

In 2015, a blood test showed she was severely anaemic and further investigations at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales found she had cancer, reports WalesOnline.

Crystal was immediately started on chemotherapy, and received several rounds of radiotherapy and immunotherapy before ultimately being given a bone marrow transplant.

By 2017, she had gone into remission but just a year later, in January 2018, the cancer had returned.

It was picked up at a routine scan.

Mum Sabrina Amor wasn’t with her daughter at the time as she was pregnant and restricted from attending so her partner went instead.

The 38-year-old said: “That day she was a little bit longer than I thought she would be so I phoned my partner, he said it’s fine, they are just looking into something.”

However, her worst fears had been confirmed and the cancer had returned.

Sabrina said they had to wait three months before Crystal could receive any treatment as there was better chances of it working if the cancer was more widespread to be attacked.

She passed away in December of that year.

Seven months earlier her little brother Kobe had been born.

Sabrina said: “She was 10 when she passed away but it was like she was older. She was already planning her own funeral. She wanted to be buried with her nan. She had thought about it all.

“She wanted a horse-drawn carriage, and I would tell her to hang on, but that is what she was like, she knew what she wanted. She was still fiery and feisty. If you had met her, you knew it, you couldn’t forget her.”

Sabrina said Crystal’s little brother talks about her every day and tells his mum that he is playing with his big sister.

Sabrina said: “He will say oh I’m just playing with Crystal. Every day he says ‘morning baby girl, good night’, he has helped me so much.”

Crystal was supported by Cardiff charity Dreams & Wishes throughout her treatment.

She was given a laptop to keep in touch with her friends, taken on a day trip to Downing Street, Lego Land and Harry Potter Studios.

The charity also arranged for Crystal’s wish of having a horse drawn carriage at her funeral.

Following Crystal’s death, Sabrina ran the Cardiff half marathon with her daughter Georgia and raised over £2,000 for the charity. She also plans to complete more marathons in support of the charity.