Bowser Jr. and Birdo are coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League this week

Just six months after its release, Nintendo looks like its putting Mario Strikers: Battle League on the sidelines.

The company announced the game’s next free update – wave 3 of additional content – will also be its last free update.

Previous DLC added Daisy, Shy Guy, Pauline, and Diddy Kong as playable characters, as well as new gear and stadiums. Watch the trailer for wave 3 below to see who’s been signed to the league next!

Yep, Bowser Jr. is bringing his Junior Clown Car to the pitch (I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in football…), and his stats reveal he’s quite a balanced player. I don’t think he’ll pull his punches once he’s on the pitch.

Eurogamer favourite Birdo will also join the squad, and although she’s not the strongest she loves a good shot on target. Look at her gracefully strike that ball into the back of the net!

New shellfish gear which increases speed and technique stats will be added, as well as a new stadium called Urban Rooftop. The new content will be available from this Wednesday, 14th December.

Tom found Mario Strikers: Battle League hard to recommend in his review at launch, due to its “slim package of modes”, even if post-launch updates added more playable characters. Unless Nintendo is planning a paid expansion, it seems this game has been given the boot.